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    Metalurgjik, Elbasan


    Technolurgjik is the first warehouse of her kind in Albania. Bringing to electronic community not just an event but history, culture and tourism to Elbasan City. An ex metal factory 2000m2 full of old equipments bring us memories and same time the rave. The purpose of TCL is promoting Albania and Elbasan city including in this project guide of city, cultural monuments, gastronomy making this city a new location for the world.

    From concept of only metal now Technolurgjik 2 brings in Metalurgjik warehouse a biomechanic world full of fantasies and creatures. Now is old and new living together, technology and humanity nature. Music is the only way for every one not to be “radioactive” but share pure energy and love. Inspiring that not every thing old is consider as useless but trying to bring back something and make it worthy. TCL is going hard this edition and full of fantasies.