1. The purchase of the ticket entitles the possessor to participate in the event described in the ticket, from the moment he accepts and respects the conditions and regulations of the venue where the event will take place. The entry of the participant in the premises of the event, means the unconditional acceptance of the quoted terms. The ticket must contain the personal data of the holder, name, surname, valid e-mail address and telephone number. This information is mandatory and must be accurate and will be used to verify the holder upon entering the premises, or in the case of event cancellation, to compensate for the ticket value. The ticket holder acknowledges by purchasing this ticket that he authorizes the organizing company to use his personal data to communicate the above.

2. The ticket is valid for a single entry / use and is considered valid in terms of functionality, only if sold from official points of sale. Exchange, resale and any other form of trade, other than the above, is prohibited. Tickets purchased for the purpose of being the object of business activity, trading, advertising including giveaway (of any form) or any other activity, without the approval of the organizing company, will be canceled and the subject who has performed this form of transaction will be penalized with 100x of ticket value. All participants must keep their ticket voucher until the end of the event.

3. The organizers may refuse to allow the entry of people who are under the influence of alcohol or narcotic substances, who carry with them bottles or other dangerous or easily flammable objects, even in the case of possession of tickets. Also the transportation and use of audiovisual recording equipment in the event premises (for filming, photographing, recording the event or its sequences) is prohibited. The ticket holder agrees to be available for physical control of personal belongings (bags, files and heavy objects), in accordance with the above regulation, both at the entrance of the scene and during his stay until the end of the activity. Organizers reserve the right to film and photograph during the event. Participants, upon purchase of tickets, automatically accept and give consent for filming or photographing themselves and the minors who accompany them during the event.

4. The organizers are not responsible for possible disputes among the participants, for damage or loss of personal belongings of the participants in this event. Also the organizing company does not replace stolen or lost tickets.

5. The public must respect and follow the instructions of the security staff, as well as the representatives of the organizing company, on security issues. It is strictly forbidden to jump towards the crowd to go hand in hand (crowd surfing) for security issues.

6. In case of postponement of the event due to force majeure, pandemic, postponement of the date by the artist / group for personal or health reasons, executive orders from state institutions for reasons of public safety and any kind of problem / reason that is not cited above and can make the realization of the event impossible for organizational reasons, the organizing company reserves the right to change the date, time and place of the event, notifying the public through the mass media. In these cases the tickets are valid as they are and are not canceled, therefore the financial value is not refundable. Also the organizing company reserves the right to change the program of the event.

7. In case of final cancellation of the event, the tickets can be returned within a certain time, at the points announced according to the relevant communications in the mass media. Ticket holders acknowledge that the organizers are not obliged to reimburse them beyond the value of the ticket, for any other expenses that may result from the cancellation of the event.

8. In case of interruption or cancellation of the event due to force majeure, at least thirty- five (35) minutes after the start of the event, the latter is considered exhausted and is not repeated. In this case, tickets are not reimbursed.

9. In case of cancellation from a music group or artist, the organizing company is not affected for the realization of the event.

10.Possession of this ticket does not entitle its holder to receive additional services, beyond what has been made known to him. Consumption from the bar-restaurant is optional.

11. Event sequences can be filmed / recorded. Participants from the event audience, who may appear in these filmed sequences, will have no claims from the video production company or event organizers.

12. Entry is prohibited for children under the age of fourteen (14). All children over the age of fourteen (14) must be accompanied by an adult over the age of eighteen (18).